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Oct. 27 Functions Assignment – Spaceships
Nov 12 Chapter 8 Assignment - Holiday Card by Group

DON'T FORGET to submit       Project 1 - The Story


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Oct. 22
  • Continue with Chapter 7, Functions
Oct. 27
Nov. 5

Today is a quick jumpstart with graphic design principles and image editing with Then next week, we will continue with image editing and then cover a part of Chapter 15 (Images). The subject of design principles and the hands-on work with Photopea will be a good lead-in for Chapter 15.

Due to time constraints, we will only cover sections 1 thru 3 of Chapter 15. However, that will be sufficient for you to see the power of using and processing images in Processing.

† Value-Added Perspectives in this class will come in the forms of additional readings or videos, in-class exercises, review of previous material, or visual inspirations.