Movie Poster Assignment

Read and work through Project 4 of the textbook.

Once you have read and worked through the chapter, you will have the skills to create a movie poster similar to the one below. You may use any theme you wish, but must incorporate the same degree of complexity. Then you will submit both the Photoshop (.PSD) and the .JPG files.

movie poster;


I am providing both written and video steps for you to choose from for guidance.

Written steps

The written steps are listed below.

Video steps

My written steps come directly from this 6-minute video. You'll probably like this video better than my steps:

Best video for this assignment

Optional: The videos listed below are more recent and visually interesting, but they are more advanced. Also, they do not have words. Feel free to use them if you are a veteran Photoshop user or if you just want to scoot thru the videos for visual inspiration.

TIP 1:

Although these steps run more like a tutorial than an assignment, keep in mind that I am not trying to restrict your creativity. For example, I am giving some specifics such as "choose black background; add 2 people, etc."  However, if you feel comfortable enough with the software, you may alter some of these steps. Just don't ignore the instructions completely. For clarity, here is a checklist for your final design. 


TIP 2 :

In these steps you are occasionally asked you to merge layers.  If you want to save your file at various points, take a snapshot of history from time to time (bottom menu on History Panel).

Written steps:

How to Submit

Upload both the Photoshop (PSD) and the JPG versions to a dropbox called Movie Poster.  I want the Photoshop version so that I can see your image layers.  The Due date is March 15, 2021.