Photopea - Selective Colorization

puppy before
puppy after

A popular image editing technique is to use grayscale for part of an image and keep the other part of an image in color.

  1. Download the big puppy here.
    Or, better yet, find an image from one of these copyright free sources
  2. Open the file. Then continue by duplicating layer (LAYER/Duplicate Layer).
  3. Stay on the bottom layer. Then click IMAGE/Adjustment/Desaturate to turn the bottom layer into grayscale.
  4. The desaturated layer will remain grayscale. Then after watching an instructional video linked below, you will isolate the top (colored). As a result you will have:
    - the colored layer on top.
    - the grayscale layer on bottom.
  5. Once finished, add some text or any other design element you desire to the design.

Instead of using the technique we used in class, I want you to learn how to use Refine Edge. It's an
11-minute video that covers both the Quick Select and Refine Edge tecjmoqies. Please watch the entire video.

Link to VIDEO



Due in Oaks "Color Select" dropbox