Graphics, Introductory Lesson

Objective: This introductory lessons covers some basic techniques that you can use to create a header or any other image. It has detailed steps and is suitable for an introductory tutorial in Photoshop.

Banner image

  1. Start a new Photoshop file, and set size to 800px by 200px.
  2. Save the file as "myheader", with the Photoshop format. Later you will save as JPG format.
  3. Find a background image from a royalty free website, such as
    Save the file; then open the image into Photoshop.
  4. Change the width of your background image to about 900px (Image menu)
  5. Select and copy it. (SELECT/All; Then EDIT/Copy)
  6. Now, back in your "myheader" file, Paste the background image.
  7. Use the Move tool to drag the image to a desired location.
  8. Go to the Layer's palette and name the layer appropriately.
  9. Add text with the "T" or Text tool.
    This part is intuitive, so no need for detailed instructions.
  10. Find another image to place on the background. Use a royalty free site such as
    IMPORTANT: We will isolate this image. Since it's our first tutorial, I want you to choose an image with a solid background so that you can use the Wand tool to isolate it. For instance, I might search for "guitar".
  11. Open the image from Step 10. Resize it to a Height of 200px or less.
  12. If necessary, unlock the layer (Layers palette) by double clicking the lock.
  13. With the Wand tool, click the solid color you wish to delete. Then press DELETE.
    (Note: The site has a lot of images with transparent backgrounds. Therefore, it might not be necessary to delete backgrounds.)
  14. Select image with SELECT/All; then copy it.
  15. Paste in "myheader" file and set it up attractively.
    To resize it, choose EDIT/Free Transform.
  16. Continue embellishing if desired.
  17. When completed, save your file again with the Photoshop format.
  18. Then save finally as a JPEG format so that it can be used in other software applications such as websites.