Quick Graphics Tutorials

Our design and web development classes often require graphic to be created for various occasions. The following are short tutorials that illustrate the use of popular graphics programs such as Photoshop. Photoshop is a very robust application, and if you wish to really learn it, it is important for you to practice a lot outside of class. Even simpler programs such as Pixlr.com and GIMP require extra practice in order to take better advantage of the features.

Photoshop Tutorials

  1. Quickie techniques: The Little Things
  2. Very simple tutorial: Creating a Vignette
  3. Introductory tutorial: website banner
  4. Design with vignette
  5. Digital compositing
  6. Basic page layout
  7. Web page masthead
  8. Blending images
  9. Skills include: Gradients, Custom Shapes
  10. Design a movie poster
  11. Web Page Banner
  12. Simple Web Page Banner
  13. More Web Page Banners
  14. Still Another Web Banner
  15. Create web Buttons
  16. Illustrator/Photoshop, combined
  17. Simple Animation
  18. Duotone colors
  19. Web Page Layout
    (same as above, except it includes HTML exercise)
  20. Create an Ad
  21. Color Selecting
  22. Clipping Mask
  23. Create Fire Effect
  24. Create a Drawing from a Photo
  25. Designing with Vector Curves
  26. Isolating Images in Photoshop
  27. Illustrator & Photoshop Exercise, not tutorial
  28. Illustrator tutorial
  29. Whiten Teeth
  30. Illustrator Recolor

Designing with Text (Textciting)

  1. Text Masking
  2. Text Styles
  3. Getting Fancy with Text
  4. Type on a path

Framing and Photo Enhancements:

  1. Easy Gallery Print
  2. Create an advertisement
  3. Add Pop to your Photos
  4. Spotlight a Photo || Video

Pixlr.com Tutorials

  1. Introductory tutorial or Video
  2. Create a vignette (video)
  3. Create a web banner
  4. Digital compositing
  5. Another Web page banner
  6. Using Photoshop files with Pixlr

Photopea Tutorials

  1. Introductory tutorial
  2. Introductory (video)
    If you want to use Subtract with a rectangle, use the 4-sided Polygon tool instead. Otherwise it doesn't work.
  3. Compositing Images
  4. Color Selecting
  5. Assignment for online class