image samplePixlr: A Quick Look ...

This is an introductory tutorial for In it you will get an overview of several useful features. Among them are:

Experiment... Explore... Don't worry about perfection! You should have a satisfactory outcome in about 20 minutes.



  1. Find and save an image worthy of creating a vignette from.
  2. Go to
  3. Choose the first box/button "Pixlr Editor"
  4. Start by opening your desired image. (Note that although you can paste, Pixlr has some limitation on file sizes for pasting, so it's best to simply open the image.)
  5. pixUNLOCK the layer by double clicking the lock on the Layers Palette.
    Unlocking allows for more flexibility and editing of a layer.

  6. From the Toolbox on the left, choose the Marquee Tool. Then use the Control Palette to set a Feather of around 25 px.
  7. From the Control Palette, click Elliptical Marquee. Drag a marquee selection around the area of the photo you want to keep.
  8. Choose EDIT/Invert Selection.
  9. Press DELETE on the keyboard. Then choose EDIT/Deselect All.
  10. From the Layers Palette, add a new layer for the background. Then drag that layer to the bottom of the portrait layer.
  11. Use the Paint Bucket tool to the layer with a color, such as black. Simply click anywhere on the layer.
  12. Add a rounded edge rectangle for a label (similar to the banner beneath the photo.)
    • Create a new layer from the Layers Palette
    • Choose the Drawing Tool from the toolbar
    • Use the Control pallette to change to Rounded Rectangle. Make other adjustments as desired.
    • Change the color and then draw the shape.
  13. Use the Type tool to type text.
  14. If time permits, try some effects from the Filter menu

To Save:

  • Save the file as a Pixlr format in order to preserve the layers and to be able to manipulate.
  • Save again as a JPEG format in order to use it in various software programs.