TUTORIAL: Using Photoshop Files in Pixlr

Good news.  Pixlr.com is compatible with Photoshop files — to the extent that it can open .PSD files and maintain separate layers.  There are some shortcomings, however.  From what I have experienced, the file size must be under 3MB.  Otherwise you will get a #2030 Error.  Also, if the layers are too complex with many Photoshop groups, it becomes unwieldy in Pixlr because Pixlr does not maintain the groups; it spreads out all of the layers. 

So for your exploration, I have a few files for you to practice with.  In this exercise, we will take the sunrays layer of one file, and then combine it with the crowd from another file. There are lots of free Photoshop files at http://freepsdfiles.net.  Although some of them are too big for Pixlr, they can be used in programs such as GIMP or Photoshop itself.


Objective: Create a banner that displays sunrays and stars along with a silhouette of a crowd at the bottom.  Then you will add text and maybe other images finish it off.