Photoshop Lesson

Objective: This lesson was geared specifically at creating a customized banner for However, the skills learned can be applied to any imagery.

At minimum, you must include these 4 items:
1) A photo or image of some kind, 2) Gradient filled area, 3) Any Custom Shape, 4) Some text



  1. Start with a new file -- 850px by 175px.
  2. Using the Gradient tool, create a gradient on the background by dragging the mouse cursor up or downward.
  3. To create the tubular looking bottom part:rectangle marquee
    -Add a new layer.
    -Make a selection with the Rectangle Marquee Tool (NOT the Rectangle shape).
    -Choose the Gradient tool again. Then from the Control Palette, choose Reflected Gradient. Then drag downward to apply another gradient.
  4. Either paste your picture onto the file; or choose FILE/Place to add your picture. [ENTER]

  5. Choose the Custom Shape tool. On the Control palette, make sure the option is set to Shape Layer
  6. Choose any shape and draw it on the page. For best results, choose ALL from the Options menu. customshapes
  7. Type your text as desired.
    I suggest you use at least two text blocks to make it visually interesting.
  8. Well, I think that's the minimum. Feel free to embellish