Photoshop: Vector Shapes and Compositing Artwork

Objective: The illustrations are for demonstration purposes only. You don't have to create these same designs. I only included them to show how vector shapes can aid your creations. However, in the end, you are to create a fully designed flyer with a theme of your choice. You may use dummy or real text.


Create a new document of any size.

To draw the curve, choose the Pen tool. Then from the Control Palette, choose the Shape Layer option.

Click slightly to the top left corner to begin the path. Continue clicking at each location that you wish to place an anchor.

(Remember to drag whenever you want to form a curve.)








TIP: You can adjust your curves, and add/delete anchors by choosing the other tools beneath the regular pen tool.




Finish by connecting the anchor to your starting anchor.

Fill the shape with color. Since it's a vector, you can keep changing the fill without the shape becoming pixilated.

Complete your design in a comprehensive way. Make sure it's something that a potential client would be pleased with.

Upload it to OAKS dropbox called "Photoshop Vectors"