Photoshop Exercise

You can use any 4 images, any theme, and any text you desire.

In Spring 2017, this will not be submitted. It is for practice and for building your Design Portfolio.

Locate and open 4 images in different files. Don't worry about sizing. You will resize them later.

  1. For each image file, use constrained cropping to keep images same size. Change the width to 170px and the height to 300px. Use the Crop tool for this.
    crop bar
  2. For each image file, change to Monotone or DuoTone . The steps are:
    • Image > Mode > Grayscale
    • Image > Mode > Duotone
  3. Start a new file to place the images on, sized at 680W x 700H pixels.
  4. Drag each image onto your new 680x700px file.
  5. Arrange your images properly evenly and seamlessly.
    • Select your 4 layers.
    • Then use the Align and Distribute tools on the Control Palette. Choose Align Top Edges. (The only way to distribute horizontally is to use Smart Guides to line up evenly.)
  6. Using the Layers palette, select all 4 layers and merge them. (Layer/Merge Layers)
  7. Type a large heading such as "JSHM".
    An effective way to increase WIDTH only is: EDIT/Free Transform. Then Stretch wide.
    Behind it, use the Rectangle tool in Shape Mode to create a rectangle and fill with a color.

  8. CONTINUE BELOW, but feel free to embellish or do design differently from my suggestions. The most important skills in this exercise are cropping and mono/duo tone.
  9. Type some more discriptive text (such as the text in white).
  10. Type a word or phrase and rotate it.(Such as Believe) Place any imagery or shape behind it.
  11. Always SAVE your Photoshop files as .PSD to allow you to edit it later if you need to.
  12. Also save as JPG in case you want to add it to your design portfolio.