Photoshop Tutorial - Create a Banner Ad

Objective: Create an image that looks like the one below. In order to assure that you demonstrate your ability to use these skills, I am asking that you make a similar layout. You are free to change the objects around, but I want to see all of the objects used. You may also change the theme if desired.

  1. Create a new file sized at around 800W x 600H pixels.
  2. Fill the background as desired.
  3. Then change your Foreground Swatch to another color to get ready for the next step.
  4. Hold down Custom Shape tool, and choose Rounded Rectangle.
  5. On the Control panel, choose Shape Layers option. Also on the Control Panel, change Radius to 20px.
  6. Draw a rectangle that is slightly smaller than your canvas.
  7. Stay on that layer and click LAYER/Layer Style, Blendiing Options in order to do the following:
  8. Find two images that represent your theme. Paste them onto your canvas.
  9. Use various selection tools to isolate your images and delete the backgrounds. Be sure the images blend in smoothly.
  10. Type "Get Into"    "THE GAME" into 2 different text boxes (so that you can manipulate them better).
  11. Apply a Style to accentuate the heading. (See Styles panel)
  12. Generate the dummy text ("Lorem ipsum...") from Or you can type real text.
  13. For the text, change the font to size 16pt, with 23pt leading. (see Character panel)
  14. In order to get the faded white spot behind the Lorem Ipsum text, do this:
  15. Feel free to improve it.