Photoshop Lesson 2

Blending Images


  1. Copy the flag.
    You must use this one because of the solid background color.
  2. Open Photoshop. Then click FILE/New.
  3. Paste the flag into the new Photoshop file.
  4. Use Magic Wand to select the sky.
  5. Press [DELETE]
  6. Click SELECT/Deselect.
  7. Click on background layer. Then unlock it.
  8. On the bottom layer(calley Layer0), change foreground swatch to any shade of blue; background to white.
  9. Click FILTER/Render/Clouds.

Finishing touches:

  1. Find picture of an eagle or Statue of Liberty from the web.  Or use your own photo.
    Make sure that the subject is not too close to the photo edges.
  2. Copy and paste onto the flag.
  3. If too large, click EDIT/Free Transform to resize the layer.
  4. Use the Lasso Tool to select part the subject of the photo.
  5. Click SELECT/Feather. Type in a number between 20and 40.
  6. Click SELECT/Inverse to select the part that you don't want.
  7. Press the [DELETE] key.
  8. Reduce the Opacity a little so that they will blend better
    (Layers panel)
  9. If necessary, use the Move tool to reposition the eagle.
  10. It is also probably necessary to resize it.
    (EDIT/Free Transform)

Another idea to make it look more compelling is to use the Crop tool to crop in a smaller part of the flag.