Illustrator Lesson

Short Tutorial: This tutorial only shows how to make vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator and use them in PhotoShop. Although the entire work could be created in Illustrator, lets integrate it into Photoshop for the experience.

In this tutorial, we will only practice the circles with the pictures in them.

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator and start a new file.
  2. Choose one of the shapes and draw something like a circle or rectangle.
  3. If necessary, display the Graphics Style palette (Default_CMYK)
  4. With your object selected, choose "Ice Type".
    The default color is blue, but in the next step you will change it.
  5. Display the Appearance palette.
  6. You will see that in the Ice Type style, there are three things that can be changed.
  7. In order to treat this as a frame and put a picture beneath it, you need to make the fill "None"
    1. Click on the color representing the last (bottom) Fill. Click the fill swatch. Choose "None"
    2. Click on the color representing the middle Fill. Choose "None"
  8. Check the size of your shape to make sure that it is close to the size you want in Photoshop. Then copy it.
  9. Start Photoshop. Get a new file, but change the size of the file so that you'll have a larger canvas.
  10. Paste your object (shape)
  11. Open or paste a picture into Photoshop. Manipulate it so that it is the desired size. The picture layer must be beneath the the Illustrator image.