Photoshop Lesson

Objective: Create an advertisement by using lots of text, custom shapes, and by joining selections.


NOTE: The mention of specific colors is for instructional purposes only. Of course you may choose any colors.

  1. Start a new file, about 600w x 350h. Change the foreground color to red (#BE0505).
  2. To make red Rounded Rectangle:
    Use the Custom Shape tool. The Shape Layer option is best.
  3. The white rectangle and red semi-circle are two items joined together.
    • Make a new layer.
    • Choose the Rectangular Marquee. Then on the Control panel, choose the "Subtract" option.
    • Draw a Rectangular Marquee inside the red rectangle.
    • Choose the Elliptical Marquee. Then draw an oval -- starting outside of the image as shown below.

      sampleStart the oval about 1 inch OUTSIDE of the actual image.

  4. Fill the selected area with white.
  5. You can figure out the rest by eyballing it. Here are some tips, however.
    • Type the entire $5.00 OFF in a single textbox by using superscipt and underline.
    • For the White/blue ovals, I just casually drew an oval, copied it, then changed the color. Any size is okay.
    • For the "Click to Print" Rounded Rectangle, I added an Embossed style to it.
    • Feel free to add image(s) if you wish.