Easy Gallery Print

Sample galelry picture
  1. Open a picture.
    ( Alternatively, copy a picture. Choose FILE/New. Then Paste the picture. )
  2. Change your Foreground color to black.
  3. In order to make the black frame:
    • Choose IMAGE/Canvas Size.
    • Change the Width and Height to 1 inch. Check Relative. Make sure you are satisfied with the Canvas Extension Color.
    • Again, Choose IMAGE/Canvas Size to extend the Height an additional 1 Inch.
    • Click the Up arrow for anchor and your screen will look like this:
      dialog box
  4. In order to make the white stroke.
    • Make a selection around the image. From the Layers palette, hold down Ctrl and click the thumbnail.
    • Choose SELECT/Transform selection. Hold down Alt, and drag a handle to expand your selection. Press [ENTER] when satisfied. (Keep it selected)
    • Choose EDIT/Stroke. Choose a thin white stroke. Then Deselect.
  • Type your text at the bottom.
  • Finally, for the Summer 2012 class, resize the image' width again to 300px because you will be adding it to your website.