Create Fire Effect


  1. Start new file, approximately 600 x 350 px
  2. Fill background with black
  3. Type desired words in white (Choose a wide font)
  4. LAYER/Rasterize/Type
  5. FILTER/Stylize/Wind. Choose From the Right
  6. Ctrl-F to repeat
  7. FILTER/Stylize/Wind. Choose From the Left
  8. Ctrl-F to repeat
  9. EDIT/Transform/Rotate 90 clockwise
  10. Repeat steps 5 through 8
  11. EDIT/Transform/Rotate 90 counterclockwise
  12. FILTER/Blur/Gaussian/Blur (2 pixels)
  13. FILTER/Distort/Ripple. Keep defaul settings
  14. IMAGE/Mode/Grayscale. Don't flatten
  15. IMAGE/Mode/Indexed Color. Flatten, OK.
  16. IMAGE/Mode/Color Table. Choose Black Body.
  17. IMAGE/Mode/RGB Color.
  18. Click anywhere and type same text again, this time in black.
    If the text has jagged edges, highlight it and change to anti alias "Smooth".
  19. Position black text over, then deselect (Ctrl-D)

This came for a source similar to this: If you want the longer version for details and explanations check out that site.