Tutorial: How to Digitally Whiten Teeth

If you'd like a video, you can go to Adobe's tutorial


Download any image: IMAGE 1    ||    IMAGE 2    || IMAGE 3
(These images came from Adobe Stock photos.)

  1. Open the photo in Photoshop.
  2. Duplicate your layer by right clicking on the layer, choosing "duplicate layer..." and name your new layer "teeth."
  3. Click on the Quick Mask icon on the lower left corner of your toolbar to enter Quick Mask Mode.
  4. Choose the brush tool, and carefully paint in black over the entirety of the teeth. Even though black is selected, the paint over will be in a transparent red color. You are essentially masking off the teeth.
  5. After getting all the teeth, press Ctrl+i (or command+i on a mac) to invert your mask.
  6. Click the Quick Mask button again to exit Quick Mask mode. You should get a selection around your teeth.
  7. Press Ctrl+U (Command+U) to get the Hue/Saturation palette.
    Click the drop-down menu and choose Yellows.
  8. Slide the Saturation slider to the left until most traces of the stains disappear. Then lightly slide the Lightness slider to the right to brighten the teeth a little bit.
  9. Finally, choose Master on the drop-down menu and adjust the Lightness slider a little more for an overall brighter finish.
  10. Click OK.  Then press Ctrl+d (Command+d) to deselect, and you're done!