Photoshop Lessons: Simple Compositing Exercise

Overview: This is a simpler version of the video you just watches. It also introduces you to Photoshop Styles. You can choose any theme you wish.

  1. Obtain an image from an online sources. It's best to choose copyright free image in case you decide to publish it later.
  2. If you have the image on your clipboard, choose FILE/New. Create. Then paste the image.
  3. Alternatively, it's okay to OPEN an image rather than COPY/PASTE.
  4. Make sure that the image is less than 800px widt. (Click IMAGE/Image Size)
  5. To get the white semi-circle:
    1. Create a new layer. (see Layers panel)
    2. Use the Elliptical marquee to draw an oval.
    3. Choose SELECT/Modify/Feather, about 25.
    4. To fill with your foreground, press
      [ALT-BACKSPACE]. Or, to fill with your background, press [CTRL-BACKSPACE].
    5. Use Move Tool to push circle partially off the canvas.
  6. Use the Type tool to type text in at least two separate text boxes fore easy manipulation.
  7. Apply a style to the text. To get to the Styles panel, click WINDOW/Styles. It opens with the basic set of styles. Click the Options Menu to see more.
    style panel