Photoshop Lessons: Simple Compositing Exercise


  1. From the web, copy any image you wish.
  2. Choose FILE/New. OK.
  3. Paste the image.
  4. To get the white semi-circle:
    1. Create a new layer. (see Layers panel)
    2. Use the Elliptical marquee to draw an oval.
    3. Choose SELECT/Modify/Feather, about 25.
    4. To fill with your foreground, press
      [ALT-BACKSPACE]. Or, to fill with your background, press [CTRL-BACKSPACE].
    5. Use Move Tool to push circle partially off the canvas.
  5. Use the Type tool to type text in at least two separate text boxes fore easy manipulation.
  6. Apply a style to the text. (see the Styles panel)

  7. LET'S DO ONE MORE THING, to learn some skills! I want you to add a semi-transparent box somewhere on the design, and then type some text on it.
    • use the Rectangle or some other Shape tool.
    • Set option to "Shape"
    • Use the Layer Palette and lower the Opacity
    • Now type some text on top of your Shape.


Note: It's okay to OPEN an image rather than COPY/PASTE.
For this exercise, there is no difference.


ADVANCE NOTICE: ON FRIDAY 2/5/16, the 3:30 class will have a Photoshop assignment dealing with creating a postcard for a Super Bowl party. I will send you an email describing it further. In that way, you can decide if you'll do it in the Library or here at Harborwalk. You will submit it via OAKs.