Module 1:

Course Intro, Chapters 1 and 2

Date: Aug 23 - Sept 2, 2022

Work to be submitted

Due Dates Assignments and Deliverables
August 24

Introduce yourself in Oaks: Go to the Oaks discussion called "We Want to Meet You!" and follow the prompts to tell us about yourself.

This will count in the Participation grade category.

August 26

Upload a Profile Picture in OAKS - See brief instructions

This will count in the Participation grade category.

September 7

Create a webpage for uploading assignments

The great majority of your assignments will be uploaded to the CofC student server.

You will learn how to upload to the web during class. You'll gain the skills to do both the coding and graphic design parts of this assignment during this module. Hooray to your first coding assignment!


In-class Discussions and Activities

Class Days Readings, Discussions, & Activities
Aug 24
  • Introduction to course
Aug 26
  • Chapter 1: Intro to web development
Aug 29 - Sept 2