Date: Sept 20 - October 1, 2021

Work to be submitted

Due Dates Assignments and Deliverables
Mon, September 27 Class assignment from Sept 22, 24, and 27
Fri, October 1 Test (in-class), Hands on test during class. 50 minutes.
Mon, October 4

For Chap 4, you will also do the Pacific Trails Resort case study. Be sure to do exactly what the textbook instructs.

Do not do anything extra because I am measuring your ability to be precise. FYI, you will also be doing the Pacific Trails Resort case study for Chapter 4, and there is no creativity involved in these assignments. Don't worry, however. Starting with Chapter 7, you'll have very wide latitude for self expression.



 In-class Discussions and Activities

Class Days Readings, Discussions, & Activities
Sept 17-27
  • Why Validate
    I am always urging [demanding] that you validate HTML and CSS pages. Although I have explained some of the reasons, by reading this article, you will appreciate gaining further enlightenment beyond what we have discussed so far. For instance, the prospect of yielding higher traffic to websites is an appeal to any developer.
  • Chapter 4: Visual Elements and Graphic Design (Discussion)
  • Chapter 4: Visual Elements and Graphic Design (Class assignment. See above)
Sept 29
  • Chapter 5: Web Design
  • Group enrollment for presentation topics
  • Study guide for Friday's test (You can practice at home)
    • The test on Friday will focus on efficiency, accuracy, and knowledge of coding. You will not have to worry about creativity such as color schemes or layout. Everything will be specified step by step. Also, I will provide the images of the right sizes as well. For practice, it would be good to practice creating a page such as the one below. The test WILL NOT BE EXACTLY like the one below, but it's good practice. You may use placeholder/dummy text and image to simulate it.
      Download the PDF for your practice.
Oct 1, Friday
  • Test 1 see above