Module 5:

Chapter 7: Responsive Page Layout

  Date: March 18 - April 8

Work to be submitted

Due Dates Assignments and Deliverables

Started 3/4,
Finished 3/14

Class assignment
Logo and favicon design

March 14 - April

Fresh Take Presentation schedule 09:30 am

Fresh Take Presentation schedule 10:30 am

March 21 Classwork, mobile webpage (We did this by doing the opposite of Hands-on 7.8) I checked it on each student's cell phone and graded it on the spot.
April 1
April 6, Wed. by 11:59pm
Assignment: Chapter 7, Artist Website
April 1
April 4, Mon. by 11:59pm
Classwork. On 3/30 we will set up the homepage as a flexbox layout. If you feel comfortable with result, you should submit it the same day. If you need more time, the due date is April 1.

April 8, Fri by 11:59pm

Wireframe & Sitemap Milestone


In-class Discussions and Activities

Class Days Readings, Discussions, & Activities
Mar 18 - Mar 30
  • Chapter 7: Responsive Page layout
Mar 18 - Apr 1
  • Fresh Take Presentations
  • Additional topics as time permits
    We did not cover additional topics. Instead, we are still on working on Chapter 7 along with some topics from Chapter 7.

    (On April 1st, I missed the 9:30 class due to being late;
    and a fire alarm interrupted our 10:30 class. )
April 4
  • Continue with Fresh Take Presentations, catching up.
April 6
  • Fresh Take Presentations
  • Chapter 5 topics:
April 8
  • As of 4/5/22, I have some things in mind and will realistically think of how much can fit on Friday. It will be short features/topics from Chapters 4, 6, & 7.
  • As of 4/8/22, HERE GOES OUR FRIDAY!!!!