Module 6: Variety

of Topics

  Date: April 11 - Exam period

Work to be submitted

Due Dates Assignments and Deliverables
March 14 - April 11

Fresh Take Presentation schedule 09:30 am

Fresh Take Presentation schedule 10:30 am

April 25,
Optional assignment

From Chapter 9
Hands-on Exercise #5:

NOTE: This assignment is optional. You may do it to replace your lowest homework grade if you wish. Not acceptable after April 25th.

Submit by placing on your assignment page as Optional Assignment. You should also email me to be sure that I see it.

Please note that it is EXERCISE at the end of the chapter, and not the PRACTICE inside of the chapter.

April 25, Monday
April 11 - April 25

Class Assignments -
There will be several class assignments during this period

April 13th Exit Ticket Classwork:
Shortcuts for Youtube

April 18th Classwork,
(counts in Participation category, 2% of grade)
Submit the form that we create during class. Link to your Assignment Page as Science Fair Registration

Final Exam date

Semester project
9:30am, Sec01, Monday May 2 by 10:00AM
10:30am, Sec02, Saturday April 30 by 3:00PM


In-class Discussions and Activities

Class Days Readings, Discussions, & Activities
April 11
  • Fresh Take Presentations
  • Chapter 8 Tables, Sections 1-3
April 13-15
April 18-25
  • Instructor Evaluation
  • Chapter 9, Forms Sections 1-4
  • Special Topics
  • Chapter 7, Grid layout