The blog assignments will be conducted in three phases, each counting as a separate assignment.

Blog, Phase One

The first phase of your blog is to create and set up your blog. Below you will find the guidelines and specific requirements:


Requirements for Sept 4th

  1. Add a Post and paste the article that you wrote on August 28th.
  2. Add a Page. Name it something like "About Me". It doesn't have to be long, but remember that this information is for the public more so than for the instructor. You want to give your readers context as to who you are and why you are blogging. Therefore, be sure to write in a manner in which you wish to be represented to the world. Some examples are:
    - Example 1
    - Example 2
    - Example 3

Requirements for Sept 7th

Today you will change the header in your blog and make design modifications. During your modifications and image creation, be sure to follow good design principles. This short and sweet YouTube video teaches about the basic design principles called CRAP.

  1. Prepare to change your Wordpress header by going to the Dashboard. Then click on Appearance/Customize/Header Image.
  2. Design a header that is similar to the handout I will give you. However, your size will depend on the "recommended size" for your Wordpress template. You should design it to be reflective of your theme, although I will give wide latitude to your expressiveness.
  3. Make sufficient modifications of the original blog template and layout so that yours will be unique and impressive. (Also from Dashboard/Appearance/Customize)

Instructions for Submitting:

Share your web address with me by posting it in the OAKS dropbox called "Your Blog Address".
Since the system REQUIRES you to upload a document, simply upload any random picture to meet the requirement.

Due Date: September 11, 2015


Blog, Phase Two


coming soon ...


Blog, Phase Three

coming soon ...