Fall 2018, CSCI-115 - Website Design

Calendar #1 of 3: This course schedule includes most of the assignments and activities.
However, additional work may be assigned as necessary.

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  • Introduction to course

Introduce yourself in OAKS Discussion

Aug 22-24


  • Chapter 1: Intro to the Internet & WWW
  • Download and organize data files 
  • Chapter 2: HTML Basics
8/31 - 9/5 (Assignment will be done during class time)
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Sep 5


  • Additional topics and resources, including:
    - continue to understand networks
    - graphics
    - upload Assignment page
    - brief intro to CSS so that you can read Chapter 3 with ease. We'll speed thru it in 2 days.

From Chapter 2, do Website Case Study called Path of Light Yoga, starting on page 77 in both the 8th and 9th editions.

To submit the work, you will upload it and link it to the Assignment Page that you submitted earlier. I will show you how to link and upload during class time.

(Once again, these are the FTP instructions)

Sep 7

About the stormy weather:
For the record, we started Chapter 3 on Sept 10. Then we resumed in on Sept 19 & 21.

9/10 - 21

  • Chapter 3: Configuring ... with CSS
    Remember that we are working on the "Freelance" website for practice only.

Continue with Path of Light Yoga for Chapter 3

Sep 24



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Revisit: Importance of Validating webpages

  • Chapter 5: Web Design
    (Only from Sections 5.1 - 5.4)



TEST #1    This will be a pen & paper test. The phrasing of the questions will be similar to the Checkpoint Questions and the Review Questions.

It will cover Chapters 1-3; and the first 4 sections of Chapter 5

Sep 26

9/28 - 10/3


  • Chapter 4: Visual Element & Graphics
  • Discuss Semester Project
  • Set up Fresh Take Presentations

Continue with Path of Light Yoga for Chapter 4

Oct. 8
  • At-home assignment on Chapter 4
For this assignment, you will submit the work that we did for 3 days in class Oct. 5
10/7 (Sunday)
  • OAKS Quiz on Chapter 4
Quiz will be on OAKS by Oct. 4.
It counts as regular homework.
It must be taken no later than Oct. 7.
Oct. 7
  • Meet with group to prepare presentaton
Reminder: don't forget textbook assignment called Path of Light Yoga for Chapter 4. Oct. 8