Fall 2018
CSCI 115 - Website Design

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This course schedule includes most of the assignments and activities.
However, additional work may be assigned as necessary.

Note that in addition to the readings and assignments listed below, there will be presentations
by students on various days. See the appropriate spreadsheet listing the days.
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Dates Topic/ Activity
before and during class

Assignments to Submit

Due Date
  • Graphic Design Exercise (in-class)

1% of final grade; pass/fail

Submit your graphic design JPG by linking to homework page. example:

<li><a href="graphic.jpg">My Design</a> </li>

  • Chapter 5: Web Design, completion
  • Chapter 6 webpage layout.

Semester Project:
Topic Approval milestone
  • Chapter 6
  • Fresh Take Presentations

Class Assignment


See main page under
"Day to Day Links"
  Chapter 7, More Links, Lists, and Layout Three-column layout (handout)
  Chapter 10— Website Development
Interesting article for those interested in career as web developer
Semester Project:
Planning Analysis Sheet


TEST #2   
This will be a pen & paper test. It will cover Chapters 5, 6, 7, 10, and some of 4.