CSCI-114, Course Calendar #1

Work to be submitted: 

Due Dates

Assignment or Test

Various From time to time, there will be an in-class exercise that is not mentioned on this calendar. This flexibility is necessary because of the nature of this work . I estimate about two such assignments between now and Feb 10.
January 18 In-class Exercise

January 27

Project 7 — Portfolio Builder: Brand Identity

February 3

Mon. Feb 6

Project 8 — Portfolio Builder: Poster Ad

February 6 or 8 In-class Exercise

February 10

TEST #1:
This pen & paper test will cover InDesign and graphic design concepts.


In-class Discussions and Activities.

Class Days

TOPICS & Activities

Jan. 11
  • Course Introduction
  • Introduce yourself (OAKS Discussion)
Jan 13
  • InDesign User Interface
  • Obtain data files
Jan 18 - 25
  • In-Class Exercise
  • Project 7: Letterhead design || FYI: Finished design
  • Conceptual Focus: Logo guidelines.
  • Short tutorial in InDesign or Photoshop (eg. text outline, isolating images, clipping path, step-n-repeat, custom shapes, setting tabs, or filters & effects)

Jan 27 - Feb 1

  • Conceptual Focus: Do's and Dont's; Color Modes; Graphic Types
  • Project 8: Festival Poster
  • Conceptual Focus: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity
  • Plan Group Presentations: assemble groups for presentation on design principles and elements
Feb 3
  • Photoshop tutorial
    (Don't download Photoshop yet as this will be done in class. Further, I suggest that you use classroom PCs that you can have use of your Photoshop free trial later later on.)

Feb 6 - 8

  • Conceptual Focus: Group presentations
  • In-class Exercice
  • Lab work day or catch up

Feb 10

  • TEST #1 (format is pen & paper)