Expressions Repository Exercises



Everyday object: 15 minute challenge

Look around you. Consider everyday objects within your view. Choose an object to draw in Illustrator, and try to do it within 15 minutes.  Name the file “quick everyday” and upload to the Expressions Repository. Examples are pencils, coffee mug, laptop, book, cellphone, the door, water bottle, etc.

e..g. Here's my 12 minute design:


Use "template" to draw boot

Use Illustrator's template feature to draw this boot. For the sake of gaining the experience, I want you to trace the outer part precisely. Then you can be more original and creative about designing the inside of the boot. For example, the original and my two renditions are shown below.

Start by downloading the original for your template.

Submit by naming the file "" and upload the Illustrator file to the Expressions Repository dropbox.

Warp tool drawing

View 1 1/2 minute video that I found online. Then design any thing that you can conceive of. I used it to create a flag, but yours can be anything.

Submit by naming it "" and uploading to the Expressions Repository dropbox.

warp illustrator

Character Creation

Sketch out a character from your imagination. It could be as realistic or cartoony as you wish.  Then draw it with Illustrator.  Go further by doing simple modifications to create several versions. Name the files “” and upload to the Expressions Repository dropbox.

Here's my character, for example:

character character character




Use some of the skills from Project 2 and draw a sailboat.  We will not cover the chapter, and your sailboat does not have to be as elaborate.  Name the file “” and upload to the Expressions Repository dropbox.


Your Suggestion

Use a Word or PDF document to suggest an assignment for the Expressions Repository. It could be InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator.  In your document, give a brief description of what you're talking about and include an example of what you’re talking about.  It doesn’t matter whether you design it, sketch it out on paper, or paste a “googled” sample. We're done for this semester, but I might use your idea for next year.