Note: If you need a reminder about the Expressions Repository exercises, see the big purple box on the Oaks homepage. Basically 4 exercises are due by midterm, and the remaining 4 are due by the end of the semester.

Overview and Instructions:

Objective: The objective of this exercise is for you to gain greater mastery of the Pen Tool. Hopefully you can have some fun as well.

Task: Draw a full-bodied cartoon using the Pen Tool and other primitive shapes in InDesign. The cartoon can be a human, animal, or made-up creature.

Guidelines: This is truly a free-form exercise and does not have any restrictions beyond the requirement of drawing the full body from head to toe. You can make up anything you want in the form of a person, animal, or creature. You are not required to create background surroundings, but feel free to do so if you like. No writeup is required. Please try to have fun 😊

Examples: The examples below are simply meant to demonstrate that you can go for a simple design like the dog or a complex design like one of the children. It's best for you to come up with your own stuff and not draw any of these because you are much more creative than I am.

the dog
The dog is an example of a simple drawing. I created it in InDesign using the Pen Tool and some basic shapes.

rain cartoon
In full disclosure, I must say that I drew this in Illustrator. However, it could have very well been done in InDesign because the Pen Tool is the same for all of the programs. Also, I did it by "eyeballing" another drawing and tried to emulate it with exactness. I am not always creative, but I can really steal like an artist!

SUBMIT: Save in the Expressions Repository. By April, if you still like it, you can add it to your Design Portfolio.