Articles Reflection Assignment


These short articles were chosen to help bring more clarity to what the term “graphic design”, and therefore the course, is all about. The one on "trends" will hopeful provide some visual inspiration as well as aspirations.

As we pursue the theory and hands-on activities of the course, it helps to be on the same page regarding what is involved in graphic design. Surely there are a variety of reasons why students enroll in this course. All of these reasons are appreciated and I am delighted that you are here. To get the most out of this learning experience, let’s begin by reading and reflecting on articles which provide just enough 101 knowledge to get everyone up to speed before the hands-on practice begins next week.

The three articles are linked below. Whereas all three are enlightening, I am only asking you to report on ANY TWO of them.

  1. Graphic Design Trends for 2021
  2. An Introduction to Graphic Design
  3. Graphic Design Basics

After your readings, you are to submit a reflection paper with the following guidelines:


Required Organization of Your Paper:


Other Reflections:

Your paper should contain at least three of these discussion points. (Remember to compose as an exposition, and not as a list.)

Review your paper and make sure that it contains well organized thoughts with a proper introduction, body and conclusion.


Note that most future assignments will be due on Mondays at 6pm. However, since the 18th is a holiday, I moved this one to Tuesday.