Create a brain concept infographic according to the requirements below. The main idea is to create an illustration that depicts who you are pictorially. In other words, tell us what's on your mind.


  • You will draw a silhouette of yourself from scratch. I've linked some videos to show various ways to do it, but it must be your own drawing.
  • Use images and/or icons to depict what you're all about. Depict your attributes, likes and dislikes in a pictorial manner.
  • Use Illustrator's Clipping Mask feature to illustrate all of the images and icons that represent you.
  • I want you to take a look at these additional illustrations

    (click here)

    to get some ideas of how it can be done. The difference is that instead of having empty, thought bubbles and such, you will you will have pictures clipped into them.
  • It doesn't matter where you get the pictures from. However, they should be uniform. If you are going to use 3-D images, stick with that type. Or if you use flat pictures or icons, try to stick with them.
  • Each item (image, shape, or text) must be contained in a vector and proportioned correctly.


  • Due by: by April 20th
  • Submit as PDF file to dropbox called Mind Story.
    (I choose PDF this time because I want to see the best resolution without regard to sizing.)


In the above illustration, I took a selfie. Then I traced an outline of my profile. Then I drew plumes; then put text on a path inside.