Module 14 -- ALL IN ONE

Both Lecture Material and Assignments are on the same page this time. It might make your work flow even smoother.



Link to Silhouette Assignment

In this last homework assignment you will draw a silhouette of your own profile, and using the Illustrator Clipping Mask.

Lecture Material

Watching any one silhouette and one clipping mask may be enough to understand. However, I'm providing multiple videos because their techniques are a bit different.



Group Assignment (#3 of 3):

Link to Group Assignment

The third group assignment is for each group member to create a logo.  Then you will evaluate ONE OF your team member’s logo. You already have all of the skills but I suggest that you watch these two videos for ideas on how to implement skills. Even if you fast forward through, you'll definitely get some interesting ideas and techniques!


Lecture Material:



Expressions Repository:

Here are links to the last exercises in this category, in case you still need to meet your minimum of 7.

Semester Project

For your convenience, a link to the semester project - the Design Portfolio