Assignment: Photoshop Designs

(Includes 6 designs)


The assignment is to create six Photoshop designs based on the instructions from the links below. The exercises are short will account for one grade. ¬†Under “How to Submit”, I will loosely instruct how to arrange your designs in Word or PDF.


Do the following exercises and save them ultimately in JPG or PNG format. The general rule about Photoshop, however, is that you should always originally save your files in the native Photoshop format, with the PSD extension. In that way, you'll preserve the layers and be able to continue working on the file if necessary.

  1. Design 1: An ad using a vignette.
    Of course, this would be is too simple for a realworld advertisemnt with the who, what, when, where, how info. The purpose here is simply to practice some brief skills. If you wish to go further, you may do so. Just be sure to do the minimum requirements first.

  2. Design 2: A composite design
    This is a good precursor to chapter 4 which involves compositing images. The definition of compositing is - the process of combining any to or more objects (images, illustrations, etc.) into an overall design.

  3. Designs 3-6: Quickies
    These are 4 quick designs, each taking 10-15 minutes. Hope you can have fun with them.

How to submit: