Replace Lowest Homework Grade

This is a homework replacement assignment. That is, anyone who does the assignment can use the grade to replace their lowest homework grade any time during the semester. Having this extra grade can come in handy in the spring when you’re tired of this course.


The deadline for this optional assignment is February 3rd



On your own, figure out how to create a short video tutorial on the subject:

“How to save an InDesign file using AppsAnywhere"

You can create the video in any way that you want. (I use ScreenCast-O-Matic, but you can truly use anything that suits you. It could be as easy as starting a Zoom meeting with yourself, sharing the screen, and recording it.) A good length is 2-6 minutes. 

The reason I'm asking you to do this is because I am unable to mimic exactly what students see when they use AppsAnywhere. As an employee, my experience is slightly different. You can take a quick look at this video to see how I demonstrated saving:
The problem is that my video didn’t help 😞  

Some guidelines:

To submit:


Wednesday, February 3, 2021.
This is the absolute deadline. By then, we will have started Chapter 7, and some students are still having trouble saving finding their files. I am going to view all of the videos too because it will help me if I were to teach this course again.