Exercise: Create a Basic Flyer

For this flyer, you will begin adding to your Expressions Repository. What in the world is that, you ask!  Well, it’s 3:36AM and I just made it up.  The purpose behind it is that throughout the semester, you will create a number of designs that have the potential of making it into your Design Portfolio in April. Ultimately, some designs will make the cut as is, some will be improved as you advance your skills, and some will be discarded entirely.

I wish that I could leave it up to you for the ultimate freedom of expression.  However, being a stickler for rules, I’ve got to inject some accountability. So here are the rules thus far. 

  1. There will be between 15-20 exercises that I will give you and specify that they are to be placed in the Expressions Repository.
  2. There is an OAKS dropbox called Expressions Repository.  However, I will not grade anything in that dropbox.  It is simply there for you to store your work without worrying about losing them.
  3. When it is time for your Design Portfolio at semester’s end, you will be asked to include half of those exercises in a section of your portfolio.
  4. The ones that you submit will be graded as Pass/Fail.
  5. Added Feb. 3rd for clarification:
    I will check the dropbox from time to time, but will not grade an assignments yet.
    The assignments in the Expressions Repository will account for 1/3 of your Design Portfolio Grade. That is, 5% of your final grade.

If I need to add any more guidelines to this, they will not be additional work or restrictions.  Instead they will be merely for clarifications.

I realize that 15 to 20 exercises might sound like a lot, but many of them will be quick designs that you would normally practice while sitting in class if this were a face-to-face course.


In summary…

You are to create a design with the specifications described below. Then submit it to a Dropbox called Expressions Repository.

showcase flyer

The design does not need to be the same theme as below.  However, try to make it a similar layout.

Minimum list of skills involved

Note that if you include this in your Portfolio in April, you will label as “Introductory InDesign Flyer.”