Assignment List Spring 2020

This will serve as a handy list of assignments during the semester. Keep in mind, however, that the roadmap for the course is the Table of Contents in OAKS. The Assignment List will not include all of the deliverables such lectures, discussion, and other items. You should regard this page simply as a "quick link" to major assignments, but please don't neglect the all important "Table of Contents."

Assignments and Deliverables




Expressions Repository Exercises

  1. Module 3, Introductory InDesign Flyer
  2. Module 4, Pen Tool Cartoon Drawing
  3. Module 6, Motivational Quote Poster
  4. Module 7, Photopea Intro
  5. Module 9, I Feel Inspired
  6. Module 10, Re-color
  7. Module 10, Whiten Teeth
  8. Module 11, Pop photo
  9. Module 12, Photo from 1940's
  10. Module 12, Restaurant Photo
  11. Module 14, Use template to draw boot
  12. Module 14, Warp tool drawing
  13. Module 14, 16-minute challenge
  14. Module 14, Create a cartoon character
  15. Module 14, Sail boat
  16. Module 14, Expression suggestion