InDesign Intro:
Easy Flyer Creation

Instructions: You are to create a flyer with the minimum specifications described below.

Be as creative and expressive as you wish. Your design does not need to have my same layout or theme. Since many students are brand new to InDesign, I created a simple flyer that mimics many of the skills learned in the chapter and videos. Of course you are encouraged to go above and beyond if you are already familiar with InDesign.

Submission Information:


Minimum list of skills to required:

showcase flyer

Here's a more advanced example:

The example below demonstrates more complexity and layers of elements. If you would like to go beyond the minimum requirements, go for it! And remember, both of my examples are just to show different levels of complexities. You may choose your own theme and exercise your own creativity. I am not boxing you in to my styles of designing!

blues festival flyer