Assignment: Brand Identity

Associated with Project 7 Letterhead Design

Overview: Use what you learned in Project 7 of the textbook to complete the following freeform exercise.  First, carefully read the art director and client comments. Then create your own designs to meet the needs of the project. Your letterhead design must be highly original. It should NOT be designed like the one in the text book. Be creative with the logo, letterhead, and businesscard!

The name of the client is "Creative Concepts", which is actually the graphic design company that you work for.

When finished with the designs, write an explanation of your reasoning behind your final designs--especially the logo. In your ½ to 1-page evaluation, you must address some of these concepts:

Art Director Comments

The owner of your design agency is pleased with the work you have been doing for the company.   Since the agency has decided to create more formal branding for itself, they actually want to create a new logo and the accompanying collateral pieces with the new logo.
To complete this project, you must:  


Client Comments

For the logo, I want something that really says “graphic design” – how can we convince clients that we can design their logos if we don’t have a good design for our own? Create some kind of imagery that people will immediately recognize as graphics- or art-related.

The letterhead should have the company’s mailing address, phone, number, and website.  The business card needs to include a name, title, mailing address, email, and phone number.  Use your own contact information as placeholder text for everything.

Keep in mind you are building a complete identity package, so all pieces should have a consistent look.  Whatever you do on the letterhead, you should use similar visual elements on the business card.

How to Submit assignment on the due date of February 2:

- Print Save your evaluation regularly (Word or PDF)
- Export the letterhead to PDF
- Export the Business Card to PDF

- no need to submit the logo separately because it is embedded in other documents.

Upload to a folder called "Proj 7: Brand Identity"