Test #1:
Single-Page Newsletter

OVERVIEW: For this test, you will create a single page newsletter on the subject of sustainability. The text for the publication will be provided to you. I will try to allow you some latitude for creativity. Admittedly, you will not have quite the same freedom of expression as in the previous assignments. As this is a test, I need to measure your ability to apply some specific skills. Keep your creative hat on, however, because there will still be some room for originality.

Here is the illustration, which includes the basic layout and the primary features that are to be included in each section. The sections are numbered, and further descriptive information follows the illustration. I drew it rather ruggedly by hand so that you won't feel as restricted by sizes or exact positioning.



Get Started



Below are descriptions of each block of the illustration.

important: Be sure to watch the videos for demonstration of some of these new InDesign features.

  1. Block 1 is your newsletter masthead, which is defined as the title of a newspaper or magazine that is printed prominently on the first page, usually at the top. You are to include outline text and make sure your overall masthead stands out and has visual appeal. Make additional decisions to enhance the visual appeal.
    NOTE: You are required to use outline text. If it feels forced or doesn't work well with your aesthetics, you may change it after the test has been graded.

  2. Block 2 is a part of the masthead as well. Include any kind of ownership and date information. It would be good to include your name here. But it's entirely up to you.

  3. Block 3 is optional. However if you feel inspired to add any other info or design elements in this area, feel free to do so.

  4. Block 4 is the first column of the newsletter. Include one article and an original drawing as described below:
    • Apply your two Paragraph Styles for the article title and body text.
    • Use primitive shapes and/or pen tool to draw something that represents sustainability.
      Some of many possible items that you can draw are: lightbulb, green cityscape, trash can, Venn diagram, leaves, tree, water bottle, sunrays, etc.

  5. There are several requirements for block 5:
    • Instead of following the columns, make a textbox that stretches across two columns.
    • Include one article.
    • In journalism, this is considered the banner article.
    • It's best NOT to use your article title style for this main article's title. You can format the title without a Paragraph Styles. Do whatever to make it look special and more dominant than your title style.
    • Apply your body text style for the article.
    • Use a drop cap for the article's first paragraph. Get rid of first-line-indent formatting.
    • Place or paste a picture to the right or left of the text. Wrap the text against the picture. Be sure to add an offset.

  6. For block 6, thread two articles into the two columns here. Apply your two styles for the article title and body text.

  7. Design a visually pleasing and fairly large footer. Include any information or design elements you wish. By the way, you are not required to use curves in your footer unless you want to.

Submit by uploading both the PDF and the InDesign file: