Assignment #2 — Let's Get Animated


Assignment Description:  The goal of this assignment is to create a sketch and make it dynamic in some way.


You may make it interactive with the mouse and/or animated with variables. Design something brand new, or make vast improvements on your design from Assignment #1.   This might include changing shapes, sizes, color, etc. according to the mouse movement. It may also include using variables that change after each cycle through draw().

The assignment is based on what you learned through Chapter 4. However, since you already covered some of Chapter 5, feel free to use additional Processing features if you wish.


What to Submit:

You will upload a zipped file of the following to OAKS dropbox entitled “Assignment 2”.

  1. A write-up describing your sketch, its inspiration, and how you designed and implemented it. You may also include a brief discussion about your experience working on this assignment. One or two paragraphs will suffice.
  2. The sketch folder. Notice that the sketch folder will include the .PDE file and the image generated with the save( ) function.


(BE SURE that you have zipped the files up before uploading).


Due Date: Monday September 10