Graphic Design & Digital Media
Assignment #3 — Chapter 7

Overview of the Assignment: In this assignment, you will create a sketch for a robot that looks like the one below. This is similar to Exercise 7-10 in that it uses arguments in a function .

  1. The size of the output window should be 500 pixels or larger.
  2. You may embellish the robot in any way you wish. However, at minimum, it must have:
    -the arc at the top.
    -the rectangle with the round corners at top
    -the regular rectangle inside
    -the three ellipses evenly spaced
  3. Based on step 2, create the code for the robot and draw about 4 or 5 to the screen with slight variations.
  4. Organize your code using one or more functions for display. And indeed it is OK to use only one function if you are more comfortable with that. However, it must have 4 arguments representing: the x position, the y position, the size, and color.
  5. The example code for the screenshot shown above is:
    robot(170, 120, 300, #0000ee);
  6. robotpicAs stated in step 3, draw 4 or 5 robots to the screen with slight variations based on arguments you passed to the function.





Experiencing problems? This is almost identical to exercise 7-10. So feel free to study its code for greater understanding.

How to Submit:

Zip up your folder and upload to an OAKS dropbox called Assignment 3. You DO NOT need to do a writeup or save() for this one.

Due Date:

The assignment is due on Monday, October 9, 2017.