Looping Pattern Assignment

Assignment Description: Use some form of iteration to create an aesthetically pleasing pattern. In addition, you will place an overlay over your pattern when the user clicks a button.


Based on what you have learned about looping, you are to create a pattern that incorporates at least 3 primitive shapes. I will demonstrate a few at beginning of class and share some screenshots of my examples in a PowerPoint file. However, you're likely to have greater design inspiration by doing a quick Google Image search for “geometric patterns”.

Then recalling what you learned about Boolean variables in Chapter 5, section 6, program your sketch so that when the user clicks on it, an additional overlay will appear on top of your pattern. (See exercise 5-8.) 


Here is mine before and after mouse click.


What to Submit:

You will upload a zipped file of the following to OAKS dropbox entitled “Looping Pattern”.

  1. The sketch folder.
  2. No need for the save( ) function this time.
  3. No need for a write-up this time.

Due Date:
October 14, 2020