Graphic Design & Digital Media
Grade Replacement — Arrays & Image Processing


This assignment is optional. It can be done to replace your lowest homework grade. In the comment section of Oaks, you will indicate which grade you wish it to replace.



Objectives: This assignment involves 3 main goals -- using arrays, images, and classes. You are to design an interesting and visually pleasing OOP sketch using images and arrays. You will do a write-up about your experience and inspiration as well.


About the image: Although the main purpose of the assignment is arrays, you will also use images in the background or elsewhere in the sketch. This will give you extended experiences with using transparency and layering images. You are to use two overlapping images, with the top image having some degree of transparency. These are some suggested ways:

  • as an entire background,
  • as an artistic sidebar or banner on top,
  • or anyway you wish. I don't want to stifle your creativity.

Example of images with transparency. (woman in front of ocean)

About arrays: Keep in mind that this is the most important part of the assignment. Using arrays and loops, write a program that creates multiple instances of an object. You may use an object you developed previously or create something new. If you are stuck for an idea, you can consider modeling something such as rain, trees, bar chart, bubbles, balloons, etc. Be sure to make a cohesive design out of it and not simply an isolated array of items.


  • Make sure that every Processing assignment has the following lines at the top:
    Assignment #, Your Name, and Date
  • Be sure to comment liberally.
  • Use a moderate size. I suggest around 500 px, but it depends on your design.
  • Use OOP; and your Class should be created using multiple tabs.
  • Do a write-up of a couple of paragraphs about your program, its inspiration, and how you designed and implemented it.

How to Submit:

You will upload a zipped folder of the following to OAKS dropbox entitled “Assignment 5 Arrays”.

  1. Your write-up as either in a word processing or PDF document.
  2. In the OAKS comment section, please indicate which grade you wish to replace.
  3. The sketch folder, which includes the .PDE file and all associated data.

Due Date for this extra credit assignment:

The assignment is due on your reading Day: December 1st.