Group Assignment — Holiday Card


Assignment Description:  For this assignment, you will team up with two other class members and create a holiday card. In coordination with Chapter 8, you'll use objects to do so.

To keep us in a thematic range, you are limited to any holiday that comes in November-December. Examples are Thanksgivigng, birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, although that's not all of them.

Here's the hooray in this! You finally get more than 20 minutes to work on a project with classmates, although you'll do it on your own time.

I understand that expressions in a greeting card is an individual thing, but you may need to forgo that for this assignment and think of yourselves as a mini-Hallmark company as your team decides which card theme to use.


Begin by signing up in OAKS to join a group.


Further Guidelines and Requirements:

What to Submit:


Due Date:

Think about it and I'll ask you on Wednesday when you think it should be due.

UPDATE: As agreed:

The due date for 12:30 class is November 11, 2020, Wednesday

The due date for 01:30 class is November 13, 2020, Friday



OK, these are kind of pathetic examples because when I created them, I did not have this assignment in mind. However, these will give you some general idea of what can be done in Processing.


The deer in this one is a PNG file, which you are not allowed to use.