Graphic Design & Digital Media
Project 1

Project Description: Design some object of your own that moves around the Processing output window. This should be a different object than the ones you created for any previous project.  In the spirit of incremental development, be as creative as you can since you have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills by this time. You are also expected to be very efficient in your programming.


  • You will develop this program using either functions or objects.
    Since some students will begin development before they are comfortable with chapter 8, I am giving you the option of simply using functions or going further with OOP.
  • The size of the output window should be at least 500 pixels.
  • Incorporate a structured (modularized) design for this sketch using the following programmer-designed functions called from the draw() function.
    It doesn't matter what you name your functions, as long as they perform as described below. Also, you may have more than 3 functions if desired.
    • drawBackground() – Draws the background for the sketch which could include a background() function call but should additionally implement coding that creates an interesting backdrop of some kind. You can be as elaborate as you wish. (For example, grass and a sun, buildings, dungeon, forest, etc.)
    • drawObject() – There is no movement in this function. Simply display the object. You might consider renaming this function to reflect whatever object you are drawing (for example if your object is a dog, the function could be called drawDog()
    • moveObject() – The object should move in some way.
  • Hint: Use the incremental development approach to coding this application; write one function at a time and test it to make sure it works before moving on to the next function  


How to Submit:

You will upload a zipped file of the following to OAKS dropbox entitled “Project 1”.

  1. A 1-3 paragraph write-up describing your program, its inspiration, and how you designed and implemented it. You may also include a brief discussion about your experience working on this project.
  2. The sketch folder.


Due Date: November 2, 2018