Graphic Design & Digital Media
Project 1 - The Story

Project Description:

Design an animation that tells or suggests story of some kind. In the spirit of incremental development, be as creative and efficient as you can since you have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills by this time.

Keep in mind that each programming structure and technique that you've learned should help you to code more efficiently and logically. Be mindful of using the appropriate control structures for tasks so that your program is designed in a clear and logical manner.


  • You will develop this program using either functions or objects.
    Since some students will begin development before they are comfortable with chapter 8, I am giving you the option of simply using functions or going further with OOP.
  • The size of the output window should be at least 500 pixels.
  • As always, identify yourself with a comment at the top. Also, comment liberally throughout the program.
  • Incorporate a structured (modularized) design for this program. AT MINIMUM, I want to see at least three user-designed functions called from the void draw() function.

    It doesn't matter what you name your functions, as long as they perform as described below.

    And of course, you may have more than 3 functions to tell your story if you choose to.
    • drawBackground() – Draws the background for the sketch which could include a background() function call but should additionally implement coding that creates an interesting backdrop of some kind. You can be as elaborate as you wish. (For example, grass and a sun, city scape, space, abstract, living room, stage, dungeon, forest, etc.)
    • drawObject() – There is no movement in this function. Simply display the object. You might consider renaming this function to reflect whatever object you are drawing (for example if your object is a train, the function could be called drawTrain()
    • moveObject() – The function makes the object should move in some way. For example, it might be the train mentioned above; and you might call it something like moveTrain.
  • Your program does not have to include a lot of text, but try to include some if it's appropriate to your story.
  • Hint: Use the incremental development approach to coding this application; write one function at a time and test it to make sure it works before moving on to the next function  


How to Submit:

You will submit the project in two parts.  Both will be submitted to a dropbox called
“Project 1 - The Story" 

  1. Due October 28th:
    The first submission will be a write-up/description of your story.  You may explain your inspiration behind the project and your general experience working on it.  Also, please indicate where you are on the project (status).

    Submit this as a Word or PDF file.

    Note that 10 points will be deducted if you do not submit this on time. If the write-up is not submitted at all, 20 points will be deducted.

  2. Due November 2nd:
    The final submission is the project itself.  Submit the sketch in a zipped folder and upload it in OAKS Dropbox.