Graphic Design & Digital Media
Project 2


Final Project:
Design an interactive art composition or a game. Use a composite of knowledge and skills that you have gained during the semester. At minimum, your final product must use at least one class, array(s), text, and moving object(s).  Keep in mind that the text does not have to get in the way of your design. It could be as simple as a rectangle with text at the bottom of the screen.

While this assignment is somewhat open-ended, it must be representative of what we have covered in the course.  Possible examples include a simple game;  a simulation of particles emitted from a source into a wind; or just a bunch of moving objects that playfully change when you click on them or when they run into each other.

Be sure to add comments judiciously in your program.


How to Submit:

You will submit the project in two parts.  Both will be submitted to a dropbox called “PROJECT 2" 

  1. Due December 4th:
    The first submission will be a description of what you are doing.  Explain your project and include your inspiration behind the project.  Also indicate where you are on the project (status) and your general experience on working with the project.

  2. Due on Final Exam Date:
    The final submission is the project itself.  Submit the sketch in a zipped folder and upload it in OAKS Dropbox.