Graphic Design & Digital Media
Project 2 (Semester Project)


Final Project:

Design an interactive art composition or a game. Use a composite of knowledge and skills that you have gained during the semester.

At minimum, your final product must use at least:

  • one class
  • array(s)
  • motion or interactivity —
    I'm not trying to lock you into strict guidelines. You have choices. Your project must include something that moves, changes, or allows the user to interact in some way.


While this assignment is somewhat open-ended, it must be representative of what we have covered in the course. Be sure that it includes a lot of design and programming features and is intricate enough to represent a final project.  

General Guidelines:

  • Your design must be OOP.
  • WARNING: If you choose to develop a program similar to that of Chapter 10, it must be substantially different. Do not even use the same variable or class names.
  • Make sure that every Processing assignment has the following lines at the top:
    Assignment #, Your Name, and Date
  • Be sure to comment liberally.
  • Use a moderate size. I suggest around 500 px, but it depends on your design.
  • Your class(es) should be created using multiple tabs.
  • Note below that the write-up/description is different this time. It will be submitted before turning in the final project.


How to Submit:

You will submit the project in two parts.  Both will be submitted to a dropbox called “PROJECT 2" 

  1. Due: Three days before your Final Exam Date:
    The first submission will be a write-up/description of what you are doing.  Explain your project and include your inspiration behind the project.  Also indicate where you are on the project (status) and your general experience on working with the project.

    Note that 7 points will be deducted if you don't submit this on time. If not submitted at all, 20 points will be deducted.

  2. Due on Final Exam Date:
    The final submission is the project itself.  Submit the sketch in a zipped folder and upload it in OAKS Dropbox. 


Clarification on Final Exam Date

12:30, Section 1. The date is Sunday, December 13 by 6pm

01:30, Section 2. The date is Friday, December 11 by 6pm