Read carefully, as this group assignment is more involved than the other two.  It includes drawings as well as concepts. The two primary tasks are:  1) Each group member to design a logo based on the descriptions below, 2) write a short evaluation of one of the partners’ logo. Read the details below.

Each team member will pick a logo to design from the list below. After the designs are completed, share it with team members. In turn, each member will critique one member's logo in 50 words or more.

Possible ideas for the critique are: talk about what you like; suggestions for improvement; how you identify with certain elements or principles they are using, etc. For reference, remember Logo Creation Guidelines.

Each member chooses ONE of these companies. No two members can choose the same.   

  1. Stages of Fame: A theatric production company.  It will produce professional plays mostly on a community level.
  2. Green Acres Landscaping: A local landscaping company offering a wide variety of services from lawn care to tree removal.
  3. Atlantic Brewers:  This brewery has a local pub, and also distributes beers worldwide.
  4. Sunhead Solar Power: A solar energy company operating in South Carolina.  
  5. Yourname Restaurant:  An upscale seafood restaurant that you own, featuring any part of your name.


- Must design it entirely from scratch, using drawing tools from Illustrator.
- Adhere to logo design guides discussed in class and from your own research. Overall, I am looking for mastery of Illustrator skills, knowledge of design concepts, and your creative expressions.

How to Submit:

Arrange all images and critiques on one page and save as a PDF file. One possible layout is shown below, but you're not limited to this specific layout. Upload to a folder called "Group, Illustrator Logo."

Sample layout of logos