Design Concepts Presentation
(Group Assignment)


Part 2 of Group Assignment


Overview: These instructions describe how presentations will be uploaded for you to view and how you will participate in a discussion about them. Remember that your presentation should be prepared according to these instructions.


General Information:

Under the "Design concepts talk" Forum in the Discussions area, I will create a Topic for each group, starting with the week of Module 9.


The discussion will begin with a post from one of the group members. That post will consist of a quick intro and link or upload to their presentation. Then the discussion will continue as follows:


  • There are 8 - 9 presentations in each class. Each student is required to write at least one post and one reply to five of the presentations. You are welcome do more if you wish. At minimum, you'll have at least 10 posts by the time the presentations end on March 30.
  • You are responsible for the content of each presentation. You're expected to apply them to your designs and to be able to answer questions about the concepts on tests or final exam.
  • Please take note of the dates of presentations and the cut-off dates for participation. You CANNOT expect to post and reply at the last minute. That is unreasonable because you won't be a part of the conversation.

Write Substantive Posts

These are guidelines for writing your posts and replies. Please apply good netiquette when posting to the discussions.

  • Each comment and reply must be at least 2-3 full sentences. That takes care of quantity, but of course quality is just as important. Please continue reading.
  • Here are some ideas for the content of your posts:
    • Talk about one or more of the examples given in the presentation. For instance, why does it appeal to you.
    • Talk about aspects of the entire presentation that are commendable or appealing.
    • Cite other web resources regarding the concept. Explain why your resource can be helpful for us.
    • Choose examples of artwork from the presentation and describe how it could be improved to represent the concept better.
    • Suggest a good test or exam question from the presentation. It could be essay or multiple choice.
    • ANYTHING else that you feel is substantive and add to the conversation.