Group Project Activity

Podcast Series



Each group will use to create a single account and publish two podcast episodes as described below.  


Each group will develop an issue-oriented topic based on any one of their group's subjects during the last three presentations. However, remember that these are broad subjects and you must choose a topic that is more narrow.

Some of the myriads of topics include:

- Is net neutrality good for America?
- Are self-driving cars safer?
- Can AI make us less smart?
- The problem with AI & morality.
- Should privacy trump freedom of speech?
- Ethical issues in 3-D printing
- Is the Apple Watch worth it?
- Will the DARPA Privacy project succeed or fail?

If you are unsure about your topic, send me a quick email and I'll give you feedback right away.

Once your group has choosen an issue-oriented topic, you will proceed to create two episodes to publish as either an audio or video podcast. Each podcast episode should be at least three minutes.

  1. The first episode will consist of background information such as definitions, historical perspectives, major players or stakeholders, what issue or controversy surrounds the subject, what's projected for the future, and introduction to your next episode. You do not have to include ALL of these subtopics. Simply make it informative, interesting and comprehensive enough for the audience.
  2. In the second episode, you will argue each side of the issue. Be sure to have solid support for your arguments.

To create your two podcasts, you may use audio/video tools that you already have on your computer and other digital devices. At minimum, Windows has Sound Recorder and Mac has a software as well. If you need to convert your file to an acceptable format, go to or Audacity.


  1. One member will create an account at Some of the main steps are: podcast studio
    • Choose the Free (Basic Account). 
    • The “Member name” will be a part of the URL.  Your group is free to choose your own name.  Be creative and think of a name that’s catchy and memorable.
    • For the “Personal information” use one of your group members.  You do not have to put your real birthday since you might share logon info with group members.  Also, you don’t have to use CofC email unless you want to.
  2. It's a good idea to become familiar by reading the Quick Start Guide from Podbean's Dashboard.
  3. Customize your page to look attractive and inviting. Include your group's name in the banner.
  4. Publish both episodes by the Final Exam date. However, you are encouraged to get it done earlier.
  5. You can click "View Site" to determine your URL. Also, this is the way that others will see your website.

    NOTE: If a visitor wants to subscribe to your podcast and receive automatic updates, they will click "Subscribe" on the right side or your webpage.


Place your group's URL and a description of your podcast in OAKS Discussion called "Computing Issues Podcast". This will allow all classmates to access it and make comments about the podcast episodes.

This podcast is an illustration of what your podcast might look like.