Group Project Activity

Tech News & Perspectives #2


#2: Tech News & Perspectives  

This presentation will be similar to the previous two. However, there are a number of variations this time. We are ready for the first first installment of Tech News & Perspective based on the August 24 podcast. Each team chose a topic from one of the recent Techminded podcasts. I selected a list and filtered it in such a way that we will have new subjects that were not covered in previous discussions.

 In OAKS, I will place the news topic and date for each group's presentation.

Read carefully:

There will be two primary differences:

Finally, in an OAKS Discussion called "Tech News #2", one member will submit the following:

  1. For the Subject, type the name of your group.
  2. A 100-200 word summary of your article.
  3. Two (2) possible questions for the next test.
  4. For convenience, simply list each member's name.